Privacy Policy

What information is stored by Cardiff Bay Computers?

We collect various information to help and assist us. All information that we may record is listed below, however not all services record all information (e.g when a computer is in for repair) and may be removed when the task is completed.

We keep personal details such as your name, address, email address, telephone number and home address.
We keep records of your computer settings, file information, serial numbers etc. (if required)
We keep photos of your PC, Laptop or Apple or any other device during repair for identification.
We keep records of your account history for our financial records.
We keep records of your payment details (e.g How you paid).
We do NOT keep card details on record.

What do you do with this stored information?

All personal and stored information that we collect is used in accordance with the 'Data Protection Act 1998' and any other applicable law. Details are stored for the following reasons:

To allow us to continue our contract with you (e.g Payment Details, address, contact number etc.)
To allow us to service your computer as required (e.g Passwords, serial numbers etc.)
To allow us to contact you (e.g Personal information such as telephone number etc.)
To allow you to login and use our website our other services.
To provide aftercare sales and/ or support.
To comply with all UK Legal requirements.
*To offer promotional, marketing & aftercare services.

From time to time Cardif Bay Computers may contact you (via any method) to inform you of promotions, goods, services etc. that may be of interest to you or other members of your household/ business. This is an optional agreeement and you are entitled to Opt-Out of this agreement at any time (by contacting us via letter, email or telephone). We will NOT pass your details on to ANY third party or marketing partners. If for any reason your details do leave our company (e.g Mailing letters via UK Mail) it will be under the same level of protection that we offer & use.

What about sensitive information? Like documents, photos, passwords or bank details?

As a part of our services, we will often have access to private & personal data that will be considered confidential. Our engineers are all bound by a very strict code of ethics policy. In performing our services, we may take backups of your data, store information, or see personal information & documents. We will ALWAYS ensure that any data copied is securely removed and that all personal information is respected. If whilst performing our services an engineer is exposed to illegal material, it may be our civic and/ or legal responsibility to report such findings to the appropriate authorities. Under these given circumstances such disclosure will not be a breach of our obligation & confidentiality.

How do you protect my information?

We implement a variety of different security measures to maintain both the safety and integrity of your personal information, and any data that is kept on-site or stored in our records. The security measured include: password protected directories, database encryption, SSL (Secure Socket Layered) technology to ensure all trasmitted data is encrypted, IDS & PCI Scanning, Antivirus, Firewalls and a whole host of networking tools to prevent servers from hackers, exploitation & vulnerabilities.

Do you disclose information outside of your company? E.g Outside or third party companies.

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise disclose to ANY third parties your personally identifiable information. Under no circumstances are any outside agencies, parties or otherwise involved persons permitted to view or disclose any personal information relating to a clients name, address, telephone number etc. We may release your information to relevant authorities should a legal or copyright issue arise. We may provide non-identifiable information to other parties for the purpose of marketing, advertising, or oher uses.